Talked to Sio

Sio called me this afternoon. She has a full-on Irish brogue now. Loki and I have agreed that we aren't going to say a single word about it. I sent Monkey a letter (still nothing back from her, the little brat) and told her not to say anything. I told my parents not to say anything.

I also told my sister-in-law not to say anything, and she is going to pass it on to my mother-in-law, who by happy (ha, ha, I'm laughing through my gritted teeth) coincidence is going to be here on the very days I took off from work so I could go to the beach and shop for college stuff.

So part of my vacation is going to be chewed up visiting with my right-wing religious fanatic mother-in-law and her even more right-wing controlling jerk of a husband. SIL and I have already agreed that we must do everything in our power to avoid getting into a car with him, because the Man. Cannot. Drive. He basically drives in two speeds: 50 mph and whiplash stop. And lord knows he would never be the passenger and let his wife drive, because men who sit in the passenger seat lose their penis - it just falls right off if you aren't behind the wheel.

And that's not even mentioning the politics. These people are firmly in Bush's base. So we all will avoid that topic, but if they start talking about how the gays are ruining America, I might have to cut a bitch.

They are coming in tomorrow evening, so we won't be seeing them tomorrow. Thursday, we'll have to visit my family to talk about Sio's visit with all our people back on the auld sod - but we'll probably see them in the evening/late afternoon. Friday will be spent with them, and I'm hoping like hell to make it to the Irish festival in the evening because I will need some alcohol to recover from spending the day with them. We have to pick Monkey up from camp (damn, that was a fast two weeks) Saturday morning, and they'll want an early evening on Saturday because they are driving to one of MILs husband's kid's houses for the remainder of their trip.

I need patience to survive this. MIL's husband has a myriad of annoying qualities that make me want to be incredibly rude to him - I have to live with snarking under my breath while he's here, so I don't start a big fight.

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