Some pictures from Ireland

My cousin Timmy's cottage in Ennis.

Walking my Aunt Julia's dog, Rua, towards the sea.

Just some beautiful landscapes.

I think the boys are trying to show off their biceps.

Sio having a perfectly legal beer in the pub.

This used to be the landlord's home - back before my family owned the land. Now it's a ruin with trees for a roof.

No eggs, because Sio is allergic, but some lovely Irish bangers, bacon and black pudding, and toast and tea.

Sio worked on the bog with my cousin Michael.

She turned this pile of turf - she said it was hard work.

This is the village where my Aunt Mary lives, it's called Cloondahamper. That is a fun word to say.

Beautiful, eh? I think this is in Co. Kerry

Cliffs of Moher

This is the house built by my great-great grandfather, with some more recent additions.

This is the view from the backyard of the farm.

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