Is everyone still reading?

I swear, all my usual haunts are dead as a doornail.

Well, I'll talk to myself then.

The day after tomorrow (or, tomorrow by the time this is posted), Sio will be coming home from Ireland. I can't wait to see her, in no small part because I'm ready to start shopping for college stuff. I may be taking this whole going away to college thing way too vicariously, but I'm so excited for Sio! I actually couldn't wait for the shopping, so I already bought her a printer and an electric kettle - she drinks coffee, but she's primarily a tea drinker.

I've been checking her WPI mail, just to make sure no deadlines passed while she was gone, so we already know where she's going to be living - and she's not happy about it, but what can you do? I also googled her new roomates (yes, it's a triple) and they both seem interesting in a positive way.

And we still haven't gotten any mail from Monkey yet. Last year at least we got a token "send me more Mad Libs" note.

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