what's up with us

I'm sure my tens of readers have noticed a paucity of posts lately. Aside from the plague of conjunctivitis that swept through our house, followed by the whole swollen uvula/glands/tonsils/sore throat that evolved into upper respiratory yuckiness and clogged ear ducts, and aside from the fact that the world is terrible place in so many ways (Virginia Tech, Iraq, Supreme Court), and aside from the fact that I did our taxes back in February but I neglected to submit them until Saturday, we're also more than halfway through the month in which Sio must choose a college.

A visit on Saturday sealed the deal for Sio: she is planning to attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute, my favorite of the colleges we visited together. I am very excited and nervous, excited because I can vicariously experience the whole going off to college thing - buying stuff for a dorm room, moving in; nervous because we have not yet received their financial aid package so I don't know how much money it's going to cost us.

I'm so proud of her.

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