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The other thing I've been doing instead of writing my blog is watching TV. Lots and lots of TV. It asked so little of me while my eyes were leaking mucus and I could hardly stand to swallow - I just had to press a button.

Drive - when I heard about the premise of this show, I believe my exact reaction was "some people will watch anything, won't they?" And then I found out Nathan Fillion was going to be on it, and I decided I would be one of those people.

This picture is not from Drive, this is Nathan as a Jedi Chef

Nathan (of the late and much lamented Firefly and the kickass Serenity) plays a Nebraskan landscaper named Alex Tully who is forced into an illegal cross country road race by some people who kidnapped his wife. In the first three episodes, though, we find out that Tully is not just a landscaper, he also used to race semi-professionally, which makes me think he has a better chance of winning the illegal cross country road race than some of his competitors: Wendy Petrakis, a recent mother and abused wife and possibly crazy person played by Melanie Lynskey (excellent in Heavenly Creatures); a soldier who is unknowingly AWOL from his unit because his annoying and childish but hot wife deleted messages from his CO; a pair of half brothers, one a recently released felon, the other a preppy pretty boy, who just met and have some kingpin father; a girl who is not Lindsay Lohan before she got skinny and blonde and her father who is dying (played by the awesome Dylan Baker); a trio of women who survived Katrina...those are all the teams I can remember.

Anyway, the show is fairly mindless, but I was excited that Tully's kidnapped wife was played by Amy Acker who played Fred on Angel, and the detective who is investigating Mrs. Tully's disappearance is Richard Brooks, who played Jubal Early on the last aired episode of Firefly, Objects In Space (and in a sweet nod to Firefly fans, his name on Drive is Det. Ehrli). I'll keep watching anything Nathan Fillion is in.

Scrubs - I rarely caught Scrubs in its early seasons because it kept moving around, but it's in syndication now so it's on all the freaking time. It's amusing and surreal sometimes fairly serious, it has some pretty great music, and it has the adorable Donald Faison - I'm all about the Brown Bear, forget nebbishy Zach Braff. It's not my favorite show, but it beats doing dishes.

House - I really hate the format of the show. Patient has weird problem, House and his team try a bunch of things that make the patient worse, they try something that temporarily makes the patient better but ultimately makes them worse, the team tells House he's going to kill the patient, the patient is doomed, then House talks to someone who makes his brain light up, and patient is cured! However, it rises above the format because of Hugh Laurie, who is just several hundred kinds of awesome. I think I watched about 4 episodes of House in the past week, and I think they were from 2 or 3 different seasons, but the one that was on an airplane was kind of fun because of AirChase, AirForeman and AirCameron House bounced his ideas off of.

Amazing Race - I was pleased that my favorite team, Danny & Oswald, came in first on the most recent leg, which was in Hong Kong and featured ninjas, automobile stunts, and kicking down doors. If they don't win, I'm rooting for Dustin & Kandace. I find Danielle and Eric to be obnoxious, and I loathe Mirna more than I can fully articulate, so I don't want her and Charla to win.

30 Rock - it's the funniest show on TV right now. Alex Baldwin as Thomas Jefferson as imagined by crazy Tracey Morgan? Will Arnett from Arrested Development in a very short robe? Avian bone syndrome? As Gob would say, "come on!"

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