Quick Movie Review


I wanted to see this movie when it came out, but as usual, didn't manage to do so. I noticed it was in the Red Box DVD vending machine when I was at the grocery store, so I brought it home for a dollar.

I am not a fan of horror movies or gross out movies, but that all changes when humor is involved. One of the best moviegoing experiences I had in the past few years was Shawn of the Dead, and Slither was in the vein of Shawn. There's not a whole lot of exposition - the movie starts with a meteor plummeting to earth, and a lot happens before we meet a character who can tell us a little more (she almost ingests an extraterrestrial slug that turns people into zombies with a hive mind controlled by the squid-like Grant Grant, the unfortunate resident of Wheelsy who first encounters the meteor, which gives her insight into what's happening.)

It is a little bit gross-out - the mayor gets all "womby" after encountering SquidGrant and can't help himself from indulging in some human flesh, while still being aware of what he was doing. Lots of blood, some really fetid looking sets, but since our protagonists are the good hearted Starla Grant (Elizabeth Banks) and the charming Bill Pardy (played by the always charming Nathan Fillion), I enjoyed this movie -a lot- even though you couldn't pay me to see a gross out movie.

If you rent or buy the DVD, I particularly enjoyed the "extra" called "Who Is Bill Pardy?" Hilarious.

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