I went to this concert yesterday

It featured The Woodland Scholars, a 16 voice professional choir, and Sio's high school a capella group, The Roundtable Singers. It was held at Immanuel Congregational Church in Hartford, a beautiful church across the street from Mark Twain's house. Despite lousy weather, the concert was very well attended.

I sat next to a lovely older couple. The woman and I got to talking during the intermission, and I told her about Rev. Right-Wing at the church where I sing. She told me she and her husband had left the church they had been members of for 40 years after the minister starting putting anti-homosexual messages in his sermons. She said Horace (her husband) stood up and told everyone who supported the anti-gay turn of the church that they could keep thinking they were good people because they went to church every Sunday, but to remember that the men who lynched blacks in the 30s and 40s went to church every Sunday. She told me I should talk to the Music Director at their church to see if they would have room for me in their choir.

I e-mailed him today. I told him I'm currently being compensated, but my real goal is to sing in a more open and affirming environment. Hopefully, I'll hear something good from him.

In the meantime, here's a snippet of the concert. Sio is in the next to the last row, second one from the right. The sound quality is not great - they sounded phenomenal in person. But they're still pretty good.

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