Beautiful Girls and beloved pets

Madouc the foundling kitty
Sweet Pea and Monkey
Monkey & Sio

Madouc joined our family when she was not quite 3 weeks old. Somehow, she traveled in the wheel well of a truck from Union to Manchester, and we brought her home, the ugliest kitten ever. I know it's hard to imagine an ugly kitten, but my god, she was ugly. She had no fur on her face and she was just odd looking, with a tiny little head. She is suprisingly normal for a kitten taken from her mother way too young - her only bad habit is occasional bouts of bulimia (she stuffs herself like a pig and then purges, someplace where we'll be sure to find it, like on the stairs in the middle of the night). I hope to someday capture a movie of her playing with her rubber ball, I'm sure I can't articulate how delightful it is. I also hope to someday catch a picture of her in a pose we see sometimes: her rear end sticking out of the food container.

Sweet Pea is not our dog, she is Loki's sister's dog, and she is the sweetest beagle ever. She engages in an activity we now call "beagling": she pushes her head up under your chin while you pet her, snuggling up against you and making these hilarious little snorting and snuffing noises.

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