The army is getting seriously desperate

I picked up the phone this morning, and it was a recruiter from the U.S. Army. At first, I thought they were calling for Siobhan, which pissed me off because I asked to opt-out of having her info go to recruiters.

But no, they were calling for me. For a 36 year old fat broad with a bum hip. I told them I was too old, and he said "Oh, are you over the age of 42?"

42 years old. I know there are plenty of fit and in shape 42 year old people, but at 42, shouldn't you be at the phase of your life where you have school-age kids, are starting up the career ladder, etc.? Isn't that really a little old to be going to boot camp?

Bush's mis-management of the armed forces of this country should result in a generation of military folks voting for Democrats. It won't, because some people can't quite wrap their brain around the fact that criticizing a mis-use of our armed forces by sending them to war doesn't mean you don't support the troops.

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