Cheap Used Car Needed

I have a budget of $2000, and I need a car. I've been looking, and I will be doing some test-driving this weekend, but I thought I would harness the awesome power of my blog to bring the cars to me.

If you or anyone you know is selling a used car, preferably a 4 door automatic*, that will reliably get me through the next 10 months or so, and will easily pass an inspection if it is more than 10 years old, without requiring extensive repairs, please let me know.

*Can and will drive manual transmission, but my orthopedist will get mad at me if he catches wind of it.


Tracy said...

I'll ask around at work. Good luck in your hunting.

maurinsky said...


Second Hand Cars said...

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mary said...

i have a 1994 geo 4 dr,automatic cold a/c new tires new ignition switch,power windows$1,500 is all im askin, i need a bigger car and $1,500 is all im lacking, u can reach me at marycorcoran26@yahoo.com

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