I remember boredom

and it was good.

This year is now approaching the speed of light, having surpassed the speed of sound roughly Wednesday evening, when I was singing - again - for the adorably pretentious students at the Hartt School of Music, who listen with their eyes closed as if the chorus had actually rehearsed and prepared extensively, with their Chairman Mao t-shirts and Che Guevara hats and their parents' old Volvos and BMWs waiting for them in the parking lot, while I have to climb into a crappy, beat-up Chevy Cavalier.

Sucks to be poor.

Not only has this year been fast, it has also been expensive, with car accidents and brakes and the insurance company continually denying coverage to my oldest, even though I've called them about it numerous times.

I haven't been home in a week, except to sleep, and I have an extra child coming to my house tonight, even though there is no food there. And I have to sing tomorrow, and then finally, finally a little break, a social event that I won't describe in detail since it is a surprise, but it will be so welcome to sit back and just gab.

Next weekend: already booked. The weekend after that: already booked.

Next question: why do I still feel lonely even though I'm always busy?

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leslie said...

i think I understand the lonely part...you can be lonely in a crowd...remember lonelness comes from within.
I'm in Newport for a week and no one is coming up until Wednesday...will probably just walk around tomorrow or stay in and watch TV...although there is only 24 stations...but there is a water view...