How does your garden grow?

Monkey and I are going to have a vegetable garden this year. I've been all talk on this subject in the past, but today, I mailed my soil sample to the UCONN Home & Garden Center, so they can let me know exactly how to improve my soil for veggie production, and yesterday evening, Monkey and I started our leeks.

We have a tiny yard, so we're going to have a small garden. I did a little research, and we're going to have raised beds - I'm still undecided about whether to have 4 of them or 5 of them. Our selected crops for this first time around are:

asparagus (which is why we might have 5 beds, since they stay in the same place for 20 years)
green beans
and probably a small herb garden

I am known to have a black thumb, so I'm going to rely on Monkey's youth and enthusiasm and experience helping our neighbors with their vegetable garden to get me through this. We're not bothering with zucchini because everyone and their brother grows that and we always seem to end up with a brown paper bag full of them when they are ripe. I hope to update with pictures, but my camera doesn't seem to want to let go of any of the pictures I take anymore, so that might not happen.


konagod said...

good luck with it. i think you'll be happy once they all start producing. it's such fun to walk out pick something to eat.

Tracy said...

I hope I'll be right there with you. I've only grown tomatoes once and the sun moved so much during the season that they never fully ripened on the vine. I'm going to try a different area this year. Is it time to plant already? Wow, I better get the lead out.

maurinsky said...

I don't think it's quite time to plant yet, but it's definitely time to start getting things ready.