Goals for 2009

1.Get my hip replaced - this one is more involved than just getting surgery, I also have to lose weight to make this happen.

2. Clean my house - I'm tired of my house being so messy and chaotic. I have to make order out of the chaos. I would like my home to be a sanctuary, and right now, it is someplace that I have to get out of to keep my sanity.

3. Figure out whether I should continue taking 1 class per semester towards getting a music degree, or whether I should cut my losses, stick with my current public sector job and take online classes towards getting a degree in Public Policy or something similar. I'm leaning towards the first option, still.


konagod said...

Hey, sorry for that bit of awkward stupidity tonight.

But .. I wanted to prove that something I own that works still works.

konagod said...

Cell phone works!

maurinsky said...

Yes it does, and I was pleased to hear from you.

konagod said...

Ease of conscience.

(I deleted the rest.)

konagod said...

We love our redheads!

Tracy said...

It's not easy to get your house in order. The key word, I think, is to PURGE. It can be difficult, but it's so very rewarding. And check out www.freecycle.org. You can give stuff away instead of trashing it or having a tag sale. It's awesome and your stuff doesn't go to waste. I wish you much luck.

And happy new year!