Celebrity cameos in my dreams

Lately, I've been having dreams with celebrity cameos in them. First, Jason Segal showed up in a couple of them - I assume this was due to seeing Jason and Little Jason in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Though these dreams were not sexual in nature, they did have a romantic sort of quality to them.

Last night, Daniel Letterle, who played Vlad in the movie Camp, showed up. Pretty obscure celebrity cameo, I grant you, but it gets better. In my dream, the kids from the movie Camp were having a press conference, and Daniel Letterle was in costume for his next project - he had a fake moustache and his hair was grayed at the temples, and he was wearing a 3 piece suit and a bowler hat. He and I wandered away from the press conference, and he confessed that he was terrified because a man named Culpepper was after him.

I pulled a book out of my jacket, and said "Do you mean this Culpepper?", and on the cover of the book was a man wearing the same 3 piece suit and bowler hat, who looked like he was crossing Abbey Road. Letterle was clearly terrified. We decided to find a place to hide. We were in a building that might have been a convention center or a hotel - there were a lot of big meeting rooms, and escalators, plus some balconies and wide open halls.

Letterle and I started climbing the stairs, and we got to a conference hall that was still messy from whatever event had just been held there. While we were there, a phone rang, and Letterle answered it and went pale. "Culpepper is here!" he said, and he ran off.

I went out onto the balcony and looked down into the big open hallway, and saw a man in a 3 piece suit and bowler hat. He paused and looked up in my direction (although he didn't see me). It was Culpepper, but Culpepper was played by Malcolm McDowell in my dream. And he was scary! So I ran away, and then I segued into another dream that did not feature any celebrities.

My subconscious, ladies and gentlemen! Let me know if you can make any sense of it!


konagod said...

Good luck! I can't make sense of mine but I enjoy the fun ones. The spreadsheet dreams I could do without.

Mike said...

I'm lost, but that's the point, right?

maurinsky said...

I don't know. This dream is slightly outside my usual experience - ordinarily, I'm the big player in my dream, and things are a lot less like a movie. I'm just amazed I came up with the name Culpepper in my dream, because I just can't think of any reference to that name in my real life.

Anonymous said...