Maureen watches too much TV

ETA: Can you give me feedback on this post? I would like to know if you think I should have included a plot synopsis for the episodes...sometimes I forget that other people read this and that it's not just for my own personal enjoyment. Do you think a brief synopsis of the plots of the shows listed below would have improved this post?

It's only Tuesday, and thanks to the magic of the Tifaux, I've watched the following series finales since yesterday:

The Big Bang Theory: I only started watching this after the writer's strike was over. I was recording another show and I caught a snippet of the end of this one, and it made me laugh, so I started watching. It's kind of spotty, humor-wise, and this episode featured one character, Leonard (who is a nerdy science type, although I'm not sure which field he works in) kissed Penny (dumb blonde who lives across the hall whom Leonard has had a crush on), and the studio audience reached Married With Children levels of whooping it up. That bothers me. I do like some of the characters: Raj, who is a computer guy, is adorable and consistently makes me laugh; Howard, an engineer, is creepy-funny, and physicist Sheldon, Leonard's hyper-rational roommate can be hilarious when used in small doses.

How I Met Your Mother: I had to start watching this show. I was a huge fan of both Freaks & Geeks and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and this show has Jason Segel (Nick Andopolis from F&G) and Alyson Hannigan (Willow from Buffy). I like to keep up with the careers of actors from shows I like. This show has moments of absolute brilliance, and I enjoy the out-of-order storytelling. The finale was a little more sentimental than I like, and they may make the character Neil Patrick Harris plays grow and change, which I'm not sure is a good thing, but I trust the writers.

Bones: I watch this one because David Boreanaz was on Buffy and Angel. The finale sucked. It's like the show is being written by fan fic writers. All I can say is that I've guessed who the bad guy is in every single episode I've seen this season. I might have to drop this one.

House: The season finale was the second part of a 2 episode story that started last week. I was a little disappointed last week because I figured out that Amber was the victim the first time House noticed the beautiful woman's necklace, but otherwise, these two episodes featured stellar work from Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, and Anne Dudek, who was radiant in the final episode. RIP, Cutthroat Bitch, you were just too awesome for this world.


Toast said...

I don't much care for sitcoms, and I could never get into Bones, despite David Boreanaz being in it.

Loved the two-part House finale. The Scene with Wilson and Amber at the end just destroyed me though. It just ripped mercilessly at all my death anxiety.

John Howard said...

I watch way too much TV, but somehow don't watch any of those shows.

As for the synopsis, I don't think that's necessary. The comments are really only going to be of particular interest to other people who watch the shows, and in that case they don't need the synopsis.

The Minstrel Boy said...

i only do "house." although, this time of year most of my viewing gets shunted aside in order to watch all my hard earned money go down the drain of the NBA playoffs.

house was exceptional. so far the best compliment i've heard about the show came from a doctor friend. he spends nearly half of the year out of the country working for doctors without borders and i always make sure that the TIVO is cued up to give him a full season of house upon his return. dr. john's take on house was

it isn't realistic at all. a doctor that out of control, no matter how brilliant, would have his wings clipped in very short order. a diagnostic team which spent 80% of its time chasing down red herrings would be disbanded and possibly have their licenses revoked. in diagnostics, life, rarely asks trick questions. in this show that's all it asks. still, i can't quit watching. the characters are unrealistic, the science is shakey, the medicine is dubious, but i can't quit watching. i would be house if i had the nerve.

The Minstrel Boy said...

p.s. my mother is a huge fan of kyra sedgewick in the closer i usually lose all interest by about the 26 minute mark. by the break for act II i have the thing solved.