Choir Update

Way back in November, if you recall, I left the Congregational church where I sang for 7 years, along with the choir director and the accompaniest, and started singing at a Catholic church with them. The new choir was...not good, to put it as succintly as possible, and I wasn't sure I wanted to continue with them.

I just wanted to share that huge leaps and bounds of progress have been made with the choir. I'm really proud of my section in particular, since we have a committed group of altos who are there every week and put in the work to make our part as good as we can.

In addition to vast improvements in our sightreading and musicality, I've grown to love the people in this choir. They are kind, generous, warm...just a lovely group of people. So I think I'll be continuing with them for a while.


The Minstrel Boy said...

it's amazing the effect a good director and a core of good musicians can have on a group of amatuers. i'm sure that is being seen here.

i've recommended to a lot of youngsters thinking about careers in the business to join a good church choir. the sight reading alone, the singing every week, are all good solid skills that will do well.

there have been many times when my ability to scan a chart and deliver an as written performance right away was what the producers were looking for when they picked up the phone to call me.

i learned that mostly in the choir loft.

maurinsky said...

I couldn't sightread when I first joined the choir, which is something I share with the people in my choir who don't sightread and fret that they never will.

The choir director, in addition to helping me sightread by forcing me to sightread, also gave me some notespeller books. That also helped provide some context for me.