For at the first glance of the glory of god in the east

It's Monday morning, and I'm as chipper as a thing that is really, super-chipper, and why is that, you ask?


We have sunny days in the winter, but the springtime sun is special. It offers not just light, but warmth, and it makes me feel like dancing. (I was going to say it made me feel like bursting out into song, but there is very little that DOESN'T make me feel like bursting into song, so...dancing it is.)

Yeah, it's Monday morning, and my cat woke me up early by leaping on top of my bad hip, and I had trouble motivating those people I live with to get out the door in a timely fashion, *but* I'm sitting here, taking a quick break from work, with a perfect cup of coffee, and the sun streaming in through the office windows, and I feel GLORIOUS!

I'm twitterpated, I tells ya.


Brave Sir Robin said...

That's a wonderful thing in and of itself, but on a MONDAY???


Misty said...

Ah, isn't is so very nice to finally have sun?