I was on the radio today

I had a doctor's appointment today (no bronchitis, just reactive airways responding to congestion), and on the way down I turned on the radio, and the station was tuned to WAMC, which is an NPR station out of Albany. The show was Vox Pop, hosted by Dr. Alan Chartock (I have to check that spelling), and his guest was NY state Republican Assemblyman/Minority Leader James Tidesco. The subject was discussion of the results of Super Tuesday.

I happened to tune in right in the middle of a commenter who talked about how radical the Republican party has gotten, and Tidesco kind of pissed me off by talking about how both parties has their wingnuts. Since it's a 20 minute ride to my doctor, I dialed in and waited on hold through several digressions into the Iraq War.

Right before they picked up my call, another woman called in to talk about what I wanted to talk about, which is that the Republican party is no longer a hospitable place for moderates. I felt I did pretty well in responding to Assemblyman Tidesco, but as soon as I was done talking, I had to go into the doctor's office, so I don't know if he badmouthed me after I got off the phone or just kept spinning about McCain being a moderate.

You can listen here I'm Maureen from Hartford.

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