I miss Paris

Last night, Loki and I were hanging out at Barnes & Noble, and I picked up a book called Paris, Then and Now . It was only 2 years ago that we went to Ireland and Paris for February vacation.

That trip started out as a family trip to the Grand Canyon, but vastly cheaper airfares to Europe made the trip eastward more desirable. It was a life changing trip for Loki, Sio and Monkey, all of whom declared that there was no place in the world they would rather be than Ireland.

I loved Ireland, but I was completely swept off of my feet by Paris, even though it was ridiculously cold and a cite d'escalier, not very friendly for gimpy folks like me. Paris was a place I could see myself living, everything you need just outside your door.

The book was kind of neat, as it juxtaposed two pictures of the same location, one from the past, one from the present. I was pleased to see 2 shots of the area we stayed in in the Latin Quarter, on the Passage des Postes off of Rue Mouffetard, as well as a shot of Rue Lepic, where we stayed in Montmartre.

Passage des Postes

Loki and I will make it back there at some point, preferably in nicer weather. I just have to figure out how to get rich, and quick.

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