Dancin' Fool

One of my deepest regrets about having this gimpy leg is that I will never be a dancer. Since I can't dance, I do love to watch dance, and right now, I'm addicted to So You Think You Can Dance?

I didn't watch the first two seasons because I didn't even realize it was a show until this year. I'm not a big viewer of these competition shows. I love The Amazing Race because I love to see all the incredible places the teams get to go, but this is the only other competition type of show I watch.*

As a dance admiring non-dancer, I don't necessarily know what's good, but I know what I enjoy, and last night, my favorite pair of dancers were Sara and Jesus (aka Chuy):

Without Bob Fosse, there's no Wade Robson, but this was a really enjoyable piece of dance, and a terrific little piece of music from a movie I have on my Netflix queue but haven't seen yet.

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