Busy Weekend

Sio had her senior prom on Saturday, this is her and her "date" Tosin. They both had awesome shoes and matching French pedicures:

Of course today was Father's Day, and after a late start, we had a Father's Day breakfast at the Vernon Diner - here are Sio and Monkey picking Sio out of a picture of the senior class in her yearbook.

We got Loki two DVDs, Pan's Labrynth and Hero, but I knew what he really deserved for Father's Day: jugs

We drove up to the Barrington Brewery where Loki sampled three beers off their menu - Hopland, which was just as bitter as you would expect a beer of that name to be; Barrington Brown Ale, which was pretty mellow, and Black Bear, which had a whiskey-ish smell and taste, which is probably why it was my favorite of the three. (I only had a sample sip of each beer so Loki wouldn't have to drink by himself - my beverage was a Shandy Gaff (light beer, ginger ale, lime juice - girly beer is what we called it at our table).

We had a nice meal there, too - Loki and I had cod sandwiches, Sio had chili, and Monkey had baked potato with bacon. Oh, and the best pickles, ever. I think this was probably our best Father's Day ever.

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