Just One Thing

I happened to catch some of SNL's Presidential Bash tonight. It was like deja vu. Going back to Ford/Carter, there were accusations that the Democratic candidate is a flip-flopper.

So to the media, I ask, no, no, I fucking demand: DON'T EVER LEGITIMIZE THE STUPIDITY OF THIS ATTACK AGAIN!!!!

If I have learned anything from this campaign, I learned how incredibly lazy the press is. Republicans accuse the Democrats of flip-flopping, the press obediently asks "How do you, Mr. Democratic candidate, respond to the charges of flip-flopping?"

It's an illegitimate issue, and if I hear any so-called journalists ask about this in the future, I will know that the so-called journalist is a lazy-ass media whore.

It is not a weakness to change one's mind. When the situation changes, when the fucking facts change, it's fucking RETARDED to NOT change one's mind.

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