I don't think it's *entirely* over yet

But right now it looks like Bush has muscled his way to a second term.

I'm not too happy about it, but I do believe America can survive even this. Well, I'm trying to believe it. The problem is that the half of the country that supports Bush is completely irrational. Most of them are religious fanatics who have more in common with the Taliban than with the Jesus that they claim to follow. Many of them are vengeful, ugly people who through some sort of fantasy or delusion believe that they are entirely self-made people, unable to empathize with the plight of those who are less fortunate than they are, unable to see that it could have been them who was born to a drug addict, or an abusive parent, or an alcoholic, or with the wrong color skin.

Tomorrow morning, I'll get on the bus, and on my way to work I'll pass by Center Congregational Church, where the Connecticut Constitution was drafted (the first draft of the U.S. Constitution), and I'll hope for the best.

If things look like they're headed where I think they're headed, at the very least me and the girls are registered foreign born nationals of Ireland. We can always head to the saner shores of Europe.

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