Where Things Stand

Unfortunately, our buyer withdrew her offer so we are signing a contract with a realtor tonight to list the house for real. That's the bad news. I'm hoping we can sell quickly, I'm so ready to move on and live someplace where my ex-husband doesn't have keys to the house.

It was one year ago today that I started seeing a therapist because I was having so much trouble communicating with Loki - he had become so defensive that he interpreted every statement as an attack. And in about 4 weeks, it will be the anniversary of when I found out he had an internet girlfriend. It's been the fastest year of my life so far.

I've decided that 2011 is going to be my Renaissance year. I'm going to go back to school, have my own place set up the way I like it, and help Maeve be a better student and to better develop all of her gifts.

Wish me the best for a speedy house sale!


Toast said...

Good luck, Mo.

Tracy said...

The best to you! Sounds like this year coming up is going to rock.

Lokabrenna said...
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Lokabrenna said...

"He still claims the address as his own, although we only see him 1 or 2 days a week, which is fine for me, but it hurts me to see that he's put his children on the back burner."

"I'm so ready to move on and live someplace where my ex-husband doesn't have keys to the house."

For your perusal, when you have the time:

My Previous Comment Is The 8th One Down

[...to be continued in the next comment...]

Lokabrenna said...

Villainizing me may make you feel better, but it is neither mature nor constructive. If instead you would prefer to take something from your experience and grow from it, being honest with yourself about your own role in the demise of a 20-year marriage would be a healthy first step.

Without attempting to be mean, as it seems you are doing, I will state just three obvious things: (1) I also am looking forward to living in a place of my own where I can begin building a new life; (2) Hiding $1000s in credit card debt from me was not one of your more virtuous moments...

[...to be continued in the next comment...]

Lokabrenna said...

...(3) One of the factors contributing to the breakdown in communication would be how you made it clear what a tiresome test of your patience you found conversation with me to be, often preferring television to communication.

Finally, there is this truth. When the marriage worked, it worked because of things both people were doing, and credit went to both partners for that accomplishment. And when it gradually stopped working, things both parties did ~ and didn't do ~ inevitably led to its breakdown.

Anonymous said...

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