Tony Awards

I just watched the last third of the Tony Awards. I'm not a big award show fan, but I always make room for the Tonys. The presenters and winners are almost universally articulate and charming and funny, I get to see too short snippets of plays, and there are musical numbers, and I am a sucker for a musical number.

I used to be very into theater. Siobhan started coming to rehearsals with me when she was about 6 months old - I was cast in the chorus of Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street at the Yale Dramat. I found out I was pregnant with Maeve when I was playing Sister Mary Hubert in Nunsense. I played Princess Puffer in the Mystery of Edwin Drood when I was 5 months pregnant. The year before I got pregnant, I did 6 shows in one year. It was a huge part of my life.

It makes me unbearably sad sometimes, when I think about the "used to" part of that. This is something else that osteoarthritis has stolen away from me.

Anyway...back to the Tonys. I was deeply moved by the emotion of the dance they showed from Billy Elliot. I enjoyed the tribe of the show Hair singing the eponymous song (I did Hair...and yes, I did the nude scene).

But when are the damn Tony awards going to stop pimping Jersey Boys? I swear to Judy Garland, they've been showing young dudes imitating the nasal sound stylings of Frankie Valli for at least 3 years now. No more, Tonys!


konagod said...

Sheldon is way more into Tonys that I am but I had to pop in to see Liza while she was on stage. What a trip she is!

maurinsky said...

I realized halfway through the day today that I missed Neil Patrick Harris' 11:00 number. Oh, YouTube, what would I do without you?

Les Is More said...

NPH was fabulous...but I get what you mean about Jersey Boys.