The remote is broken

so I ended up catching a good chunk of the ABCFamily show "The Secret Life of An American Teenager".

What a craptacular program it is!

The creator of this show also created 7th Heaven, and she clearly has a particular agenda that she wants to put forward - the evangelical Christian perspective. The main character is a teenage girl who has sex - once, of course - and gets pregnant.

I have never watched an hour of any other show that is this obsessed with sex, and I've watched episodes of Real Sex on HBO. In the previouslies, one girl is shamed for being on the pill (because that means she's a slut); another girl who has sex is warning her friend away from having sex because "you can only have your first time once", and at the end of the show, there is a PSA about teen pregnancy, that ends with one of the male characters saying "teenage pregnancy is 100% preventable" (which it is, until teenagers start having sex, which they've been doing since the beginning of time, if not before then).

Aside from all the agenda stuff, the acting was horrifically bad. I felt bad for thinking this, but during a scene where an actor with Down's Syndrome was "acting", I kept thinking "He's no Corky". (Obviously, I didn't feel bad enough to keep it to myself).

I better go to the cable company and get a new remote.