We still have no heat at my house. Maeve and I spent the evening huddled under blankets, watching Season 2 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD (episodes: What's My Line part 1, What's My Line part 2, Ted and Bad Eggs). We are no longer keeping the heat off just to keep our bill down, we are now waiting for my BIL to come over and fix our boiler/heater/whatevertheF that piece of equipment is called. We are not waiting patiently so much as we are too frozen to get out from under the blankets to call and complain.

This morning, I made beef stew in the crockpot, and I put my hands on the pot and laid my face down on the lid, so the feeling in my nose could be restored.

I am thinking of re-reading books like Little House On The Prairie and Little Women, to get tips on how to survive the cold when you don't have central heat.

It's not even really that cold - we haven't gotten near freezing yet, but 45 degrees inside the house feels much, much colder. I would shell out money for someone to come fix it if I had the money; I can pay my brother-in-law in cigars.


Toast said...

Holy shit, Mo. That's crazy. I hope you get that thing fixed really soon.

Roberta Lipp said...

Wow. Sucks.

I re-read most of the Little House books when I was recovering from weight loss surgery. (most, because I'd found them really cheap but not the whole set.) Let me tell you, The Long Winter is a rougher read as an adult, because you really take in how bad it was. Very strange experience reading it during this very strange time, which was, ftr, in January.

Stick with Buffy.

Tracy said...

I feel your pain. There were many times when we couldn't pay for oil and had no heat or hot water in the colder months. We'd have a fire going in the wood-burning stove in the living room, but having to walk away from it to go to the bathroom or to bed would suck. I hope your problem is remedied soon.