It's a Mr. Death? Something about the reaping?

A couple of weeks ago, our lawn mower passed away, and since it was late spring, the grass grew and grew and grew, until it was very long. I was starting to feel anxious about it (since we live in a neighborhood of people who are obsessed with their lawns), thinking everyone was talking behind our backs about how we were letting things slide, so I decided I had to do something about it.

My initial thought was to buy a reel mower, so we could mow our vast .14 of an acre yard using only man/womanpower. But our grass was too long for a reel mower to be effective. So I bought a grass whip.

It took a little while to get the hang of it, but it was pretty darn effective. You basically swing it like a golf club, only less hip action. The best part: the children in the neighborhood gathered around to watch me reap, and they all wanted turns. I was happy to oblige. My shoulders feel well exercised, and Loki went out and evened out my work (and then did some more), so it looks good now. It's also quiet, uses no fuel and will be handy for those times when we let our lawn get a little out of control.

I think I'll still get the reel mower, though. My friend Katrina has one and she says it works great.


Kirk said...

I've been thinking about getting a reel mower, too (well, I was thinking about it a couple of years ago, but my wife broached the subject again recently). From what I understand, the thing with those is that you have to really keep on top of your lawn; you can't let the grass get too long, or the mower's efficacy is diminished.

Misty said...

Hey, that's pretty neat. Even better that the neighbors wanted to do it for you! LOL

The Minstrel Boy said...

can a cool hand luke remake be far behind?

p.s. i know some good songs for keeping rhythm with tools like that.